SAMOA | Valo’ia le sua tutu’i o le tai ile aso fa’aiu o le masina nei; nofouta iai pisinisi turisi ma nofoaga tu matafaga

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Aso Lua 29 Aukuso 2023

O se faamanatu (Industrial Weather Alert) na tu’uina mai e le Ofisa o le Fa’alapotopotoga mo Pisinisi Tuma’oti, Samoa Chamber of Commerce, i le mae’a ai ona faailoa atu e le Ofisa o le Vaai Tau I Samoa se fa’amanatu mo le au faipisinisi aemaise pisinisi turisi ma le au fai faiva ole gataifale, o lo o valo’ia ai le sua tutu’I o le tai ile Aso Tofi 31 Aukuso 2023, ma ia nofo uta iai nofoaga tu matafaga faapea Manono ma Apolima.

INDUSTRY ALERT –Highest Tide of the Year to occur on THURSDAY, 31st AUGUST, 2023

An update from the Samoa Chamber of Commerce on Monday 28 August reminded its members, especially those in the Tourism sector of the unusual changes to the tide, as advised earlier by the Meteorologist Division and Marine forecast.

This is mainly precautions to businesses and companies along the coast, and to beach fales and accommodations vulnerable and near to the ocean.

The Chamber’s update also prompted its tourism operator members to ensure that their guests, visitors and staff take the appropriate and necessary actions in advance and that precautions should also be taken when engaging in water-based activities including surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and others.


Highest tide of the year predicted on Thursday, 31st Aug @ around 6 am.
The whole country to expect greater than usual high tides, the maximum peak at Apia Wharf will be 1.58 metres from Tuesday 29th -Thursday, 31st
A marine advisory is currently valid for Southern Marine Waters of Samoa

Areas prone to these conditions

South to East facing shoreline of Upolu and Savaii

Potential Impacts

Beach erosion
Damage to beach fales and waterfront lodges, undermined jetties or walkways adjacent to the coast

In addition, large waves are on the forecast for the marine areas to fluctuate between 2.5 metres and 3.0 metres, and may reach 4.0 metres at times. This elevation in wave heights coupled with the highest tides of the year may cause coastal flooding and inundation in low lying coastal areas.

Potential for a major event happening is MODERATE

At the time the Alert was issued, the potential for a major event happening is MODERATE.

A Marine Advisory has been issued for Southern Marine waters on Friday morning and it is likely to remain valid for the rest of the new week according to latest model run. The ocean conditions will likely increase the chance of King Tide impacts to Southern locations if current model prediction remain consistent. ‘Close monitoring of the ocean observations and computer model updates for any potential upgrade of appropriate alerts’ will occur throughout the week, according to the alert

Source; Samoa Chamber of Commerce; Industrial Weather Alert

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