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We deliver our radio broadcasts 24/7 on live-stream directly through our website.

Through the Samoan-language broadcasts & our brands, we can assist YOU with the marketing & promotion of YOUR brand, event, product and/or service to our target audience and consumer market of Pacific Islanders and Samoans in NZ & globally. 

We can DESIGN, PRODUCE & PRESENT your event/product on your behalf, utilising our multimedia platforms that we operate. 

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Most Samoans living outside of Samoa are not getting enough information about their culture, heritage and language.

We want to change that by creating engaging content for them. We want to create a channel where they can see themselves on screen – speaking their own language. Our mission is to bring the best of Samoa and Polynesia into homes around the world through online video content that entertains, educates, inspires and empowers our people.

You only need internet access and you’re ready to go. We are committed to providing high quality entertainment in one place – accessible anywhere via your computer or mobile device at any time. It’s available 24/7 and there is no subscription fee!

LOABAY SAMOA TV is an online television station with video content created specifically for our audience and your audience so you can reach them with targeted advertising packages.

Advertising with Us

Advertisers wanting to target the Samoan population both locally and internationally are always looking for new ways to reach their audience with targeted advertising.

You can now reach your target audience on a global scale without spending a fortune!

SAMOA RADIO TALA’AVE and LOABAY SAMOA TV are online radio and television stations that broadcasts radio and video content created specifically for our audience and your audience so you can reach them with targeted advertising packages.

We offer the best rates, most creative ad formats, and we work hard to provide great customer service from beginning to end. Our team of experts will help guide you through the process of creating a successful campaign on our platform.


Samoa Radio Tala’Ave is currently delivered 24/7/365 through our live-stream. Broadcasts are currently delivered primarily in the Samoan language.

We produce programmes and promote events that are relevant, educational, informative, innovative and entertaining. Programmes include: current affairs/community news and events that are pertinent to a mainstream as well as our primary Samoan and Pacific Island target audience living in Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, USA & abroad.


Get connected with local and international news and events for the Samoan and Pacific community. We help showcase the creative and performing arts, locally produced lifestyle, sports & academic achievement of Samoans and Pacific Islanders.

Most importantly, a significant proportion of the programming content will focus on trade and enterprise development as well as the effective promotion of exports/imports and tourism industry in Samoa and the Pacific.

Book Live Filming for Your Event

We offer a complete service for livestreaming your event. Live streaming allows you to share the intimate and memorable moments with your family and friends who are unable to attend the event in person.

Whether you have guests unable to travel due to Covid or loved ones who are unwell, livestreaming your event is a wonderful way to share key moments for those who are unavailable to be there on the day.