Money Transfers

LoaBay eShop & Mobile Transfers has signed-up Authorised Agent Agreements with Vodafone Samoa’s M-Tala and Digicel Samoa’s Mobile Money Wallet.

The Authorised Agent Agreements allow LoaBay eShop to receive overseas and local (Samoa-based) money transfers intended for the purpose of mobile phone deposits and topups, for both Vodafone Samoa’s M-TALA and Digicel Samoa’s Mobile Money customers.

LoaBay’s payment gateways

One of LoaBay’s payment gateways is KlickEx Pacific, for transfers from NZ initially, and eventually from Australia as well.

LoaBay eShop’s Mobile Transfer service will also be utilising National Bank of Samoa’s EziBank payment gateway for some of the transfer process and transactions.

Both the Sender and Receiver/Recipient will receive confirmation text from LoaBay after successful delivery of money/top up transfer.

Authorised Agent Partners


How to do it

Step - 1

Deposit funds to our Westpac NZ Account: SecuritNZ & Loabay Pacefika  03-0355-0047799-00
(Save a copy of the deposit)
Deposits can be made via internet banking, any Westpac NZ branch and /or Westpac ATM-deposits.

Step - 2
Submit the form below to complete the transfer.

LoaBay eShop & Mobile Transfers Form

Customer Agreement

* Customer Agreement: By completing this form, I/We/You as customer/s agree to LoaBay eShop & Mobile Transfers Terms and Conditions. The foreign exchange rate will be whatever rate is applicable at the time funds are remitted.

Customer Identification

** I/We/You must ensure that I/We/You provide accurate information to satisfy the Customer Identification Procedures and any of our requests under this Agreement.

Service Use

*** By using this service, I/We/You agree to abide by LoaBay eShop’s preferred payment gateway terms and conditions.

accepts and responsibility

**** LoaBay eShop & Mobile Transfers accepts no responsibility for incorrect ‘Recipients/Receivers’ phone numbers given to LoaBay by ‘Sender’

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