Loabay Manuia Foundation

The LOABAY MANUIA FOUNDATION is a non-profit organisation created to promote Samoan culture and values and strives to empower communities and individuals through the use of digital media. We provide educational, informative and entertaining content for Samoan people worldwide. We aim to provide knowledge about our culture, heritage, language and history with an emphasis on empowering through education.

The Foundation was established so that the public could have access to Samoan language, history, stories and traditions through digital media services. LOABAY MANUIA FOUNDATION has grown from just an idea into a fully functioning entity with its own office space, staff and now needs help sustaining their operational costs. 

LOABAY MANUIA FOUNDATION is a charitable organisation that creates engaging content for the Samoan people. We need your help to bring the best of Samoa into homes around the world through online radio and video content that entertains, educates, inspires and empowers our people.

Your contribution will help us to focus on delivering more educational and inspiring content for our Samoan community!

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